Adventure Playgrounds

Bristol’s adventure playgrounds – ‘Every day a new adventure’

Bristol’s adventure playgrounds are exciting free spaces for children aged 5-15 to play. If you are wondering 'what playgrounds near me are there?' you can use our park search to find your nearest park!

The spaces encourage children to want to play outdoors, have fun and meet new friends. They are staffed by skilled playworkers who ensure every child feels safe and has the best possible time playing in a magical play space. 
Children have the chance to take part in activities such as digging, or building dens.

Ensuring quality play opportunities for all children

All our adventure playgrounds aim to provide the best possible range of play opportunities for children. The playgrounds are fully accessible, inclusive and welcoming to all children, including disabled and non-disabled children. We work to remove social and physical barriers that prevent play so that  all children can play together.

Entry to the playgrounds is free of charge. Children are free to come and go and free to choose how they spend their time when there. Our staff are highly skilled at helping children to make their own play choices while providing a respectful experience for all.

The indoor and outdoor play environments are designed and built by playworkers and children to ensure spontaneous, imaginative, physical and above all adventurous play. Why not make the most of these now and find your closest park?

For more information on each of the adventure playgrounds, please click on the links below:

Felix Road Adventure Playground

Lockleaze Adventure Playground

Saint Paul's Adventure Playground

Southmead Adventure Playground